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Tector and Jimbo Hodunk are the leaders of the Hodunk clan, the family of rednecks that run the Hodunk Speedway. Tector is the voice and muscle while Jimbo provides the brains of the family.


The Hodunk family had been embroiled in a feud with the Zafords for decades. The more recent death of Lucky Zaford at the hands of Scooter later reignited the old feud, despite the Hodunk's claims that Scooter was no longer a part of their family. The conflict was draining to both sides, and so they set about brokering a truce. That was until Ellie thought that the world would be a better place with fewer of them in it and opted to pit them against one another again.





Drawn by the increasingly hostile tit-for-tat violence, Tector and Jimbo initially enlist the aid of the Vault Hunters against their age-old nemeses in response to the destruction of their speedway. Little do Tector and Jimbo realize that they are being duped into believing that it is the Zaford clan that is orchestrating the attacks against them, while the real mastermind, Ellie, goes completely unnoticed.

Eventually, the feud culminates in a standoff between the warring clans, and Tector hoists Jimbo on his shoulders to fight off the hated Zafords.

Tector makes an appearance in the Tales from the Borderlands episode Zer0 Sum, working as a bouncer at the Purple Skag bar for August. Tector makes a brief appearance in episode two, only if the player decides to enter the Purple Skag. If Fiona enters, he is either cut in the face or hit with a bottle and then taken down by Athena.

Jimbo also "appears" in Tales from the Borderlands, but only because there is a brief shot of him riding on Tector and firing a machine gun that is used in several of the next-episode previews. This scene never actually happens.



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  • Tector and Jimbo Hodunk have an increased chance to drop the legendary Slagga submachine gun.
  • Tector will become Grieving Tector if Jimbo is killed before him. In this state he will also be able to throw grenades.


  • As Tector appears subsequently in Tales from the Borderlands, which takes place after Borderlands 2, it is implied that he survived the clan war and that the Zafords were defeated.
  • Jimbo is mentioned as being Scooter's father.
  • Jimbo speaks unintelligibly throughout verbal exchanges with him (the game displays his speech as "old coot gibberish"), but Tector kindly translates for him.
  • Upon entering the Hodunk camp after destroying their homes, the other Hodunks may attack the Vault Hunters, although Tector and Jimbo are exceptions. Leaving the map and re-entering should fix the shooting.