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For the vehicle in Borderlands 2, see Bandit Technical.

The Technical is a type of drivable vehicle in Borderlands 3. It is a four-wheeled truck with seats for a driver, turret gunner, and two passengers by default.


The Technical is a heavy-duty truck cobbled together by the Children of the Vault. They are digistructed at Catch-a-Ride terminals throughout Pandora and other worlds, and provide versatile overland transportation. After the Outrunner, it is the second vehicle that characters can unlock in Borderlands 3. It can be either jacked from bandits and delivered to a Catch-A-Ride. If not obtained that way, the Technical can be unlocked after delivering the Biofuel Rig the mission Taking Flight.

Technicals can transport up to four people: one driver, one gunner, and two passengers. If it has a booster attachment, its seating capacity is reduced to just the driver and gunner.

Although they are slower than Outrunners and Cyclones, they are more durable and can mount more powerful weaponry.

Enemies are also known to drive customized versions of the Technical, and they can be found in the open areas of Pandora, the swamps of Eden-6, the streets and sewers of Promethea, and the dried seabed of Desolation's Edge on Nekrotafeyo.

Like all player-controlled vehicles in Borderlands 3, alternative parts can be unlocked by finding or hijacking vehicles equipped with them and returning them to a Catch-A-Ride station.

Driver Weapon

When being driven alone, the player can fire the front weapon (R2, right trigger, left mouse) as well as the turret (L2, left trigger, right mouse). However, manning the turret seat provides the turret weapon with greater accuracy, which is reflected in tighter crosshairs, compared to using the turret from the driver's seat. A single player can press a button to switch between the driver and gunner seats, or two players can switch, one using the switch key and the other keying to confirm the switch.

Part Description Acquisition
Machine Gun
The Technical's default weapon. Fires the same bullets as the front-mounted machine guns of other vehicles.
  • Damage: 771 per bullet at level 50
    • Calculation: 10.37 x 1.09level
Default part
Flak Cannon
BL3 Technical Flak Cannon.png
A powerful shotgun that fires scrap projectiles. Especially deadly when close to the target.
  • Total damage: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 1.09level
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Neon Arterial (Promethea)

Turret Weapon

Part Description Acquisition
Barrel Launcher
Technical Barrel Launcher.png
Launches an explosive barrel. The player in the gunner seat can detonate the barrel midair to create cluster bombs.
  • Damage: ??? per shot at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 1.09level
Default part
Sticky Bombs
Technical Sticky Bombs.png
Launches bombs that will stick to any surface. Concrete, armor, even flesh, you name it, it will stick. Explosion occurs after a set time, or can be triggered by the player in the gunner seat.
  • Total damage: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 1.09level
Hijack Target in Meridian Outskirts (Promethea)
Tire Bombs
Technical Tire Bombs.png
Launches a bomb shaped into a fast rolling tire. The player in the gunner seat can steer the tire remotely.
  • Total damage: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 1.09level
Hijack Target in The Splinterlands (Pandora)


Part Description Acquisition
Stripped Armor
BL3 Technical Stripped Armor.png
Stripped armor is lighter but has no durability benefit.
  • Armor: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 1.09188level
Default part
Heavy Armor
BL3 Technical Heavy Armor.png
Heavy plated armor improves durability at the expense of speed.
  • Armor: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 290 x 1.09188level
Captured enemy vehicles in Meridian Outskirts (Promethea), Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6)
Meat Grinder
Technical Meat Grinder.png
+100% ramming damage. +200% ramming damage against flesh.
  • Armor: ??? at level 50
    • Calculation: ?? x 290 x 1.09188level
During the mission Taking Flight, after delivering the Biofuel Rig.


Part Description Acquisition
All-Terrain Wheels
Technical All-Terrain Wheels.png
The Technical's default wheels. Default part
Hover Wheels
Technical Hover Wheels.png
Replace E-brake with hovering mode.
  • In hover mode, top speed is reduced by roughly 1/3.
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Meridian Outskirts (Promethea)
Barbed Wheels
Technical Barbed Wheels.png
Ignore terrain. +50% more ramming damage against flesh. Hijack Target in Devil's Razor (Pandora)
Monster Wheels
Technical Monster Wheels.png
Big wheels improve handling and durability. Mission reward from Angels and Speed Demons


Part Description Acquisition
Passenger Seats
BL3 Technical Passenger Seats.png
Comes equipped with a boost module AND passenger seats! Now all your companions can come along. The more the merrier … or is it? Default part
Toxic Booster
BL3 Technical Toxic Booster.png
At first glance, it just doesn’t provide much speed, and is all dirty and rusty. But it also coughs up corrosive clouds that damage the bad guys. So ask yourself, what’s your poison?
  • Top speed is around 70MPH on level ground.
  • Corrosive clouds linger very briefly behind the vehicle.
Captured enemy vehicles in Neon Arterial (Promethea), Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6), The Splinterlands (Pandora)
Fuel Barrel
BL3 Technical Fuel Barrels.png
Activate it and you’ll never run out! Doesn’t pack the punch of the other boosts but that’s the price you pay. Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6), The Splinterlands (Pandora)
Jet Booster
BL3 Technical Jet Booster.png
Nothing can go wrong with a jet-engine strapped to the back of a truck. It takes a bit of time to charge up, but it is well worth the wait. Mission reward or capture an enemy vehicle during Blood Drive


Apart from regular Technical, characters may run across other variants of this vehicle, differing in armor, paint-job, armament, and special equipment:


  • The COV Hover Technical is the only source for the Hover Wheels Part.
  • The COV Heavy Technical is the only source for the Heavy Armor Part.