The Bandit Technical was introduced in Borderlands 2

It has the most carrying capacity i the game, and its passenger seats can be replaced with Jet thruster´s and more!


The Bandit Technical is a mish mash of a Truck and junk, skulls, guns, blood, you name it! This makes this thing incredibly versatile its also heaviest vehicle class, if thats a thing. The Technical is a tough cookie, if you get this thing heavy armor, which you steal an Atlasbandit technical on one of the missions on Promethea,you are basically a tank at this point. Also you get these in random encounters you dont actually need to steal one from an Atlas soldier.

Driver Weapon

When being driven alone, the player can fire the forward machine gun (R2, right trigger, left mouse) as well as the turret (L2, left trigger, right mouse). However, manning the turret seat provides the turret weapon with greater accuracy, which is reflected in tighter crosshairs, compared to using the turret from the driver's seat. A single player can press a button to switch between the driver and gunner seats, or two players can switch, one using the switch key and the other keying to confirm the switch.

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Main Weapon

Machine Gun

Description: A trusted classic, you know what to do. Aim and shoot!

Info: Its a F***king automatic gun, what else do you need to know!?

Flak Cannon

Description: A powerful shotgun that fires scrap projectiles, Especially deadly when close to the target.

Info: A shotgun implanted as a vehicle weapon.

Turret Weapon

Barrel Launcher

Launches a fuel barrel, with a bundle of dynamite attached to it, that explodes on impact.

Sticky Bombs

Tire Bombs


Stripped Armor:

Description: Stripped Armor is lighter but has no durability benefit.

Info: Makes your car lighter, and most importantly faster.

Heavy Armor:

Description: Heavy Armor improves durability at the expense of speed.

Info: Makes your car heavier, and most importantly tougher.

Meat Grinder

Description: +100% ramming damage, +200% ramming damage against flesh.

Info: This part is entirely exclusive to the bandit technical. I dont think it makes you slower, but your gonna have to sacrifice your heavy armor for it.

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Appart form basic

  • Technical

players may run across other variants of this vehicle, differing in armor, armamanent and special equipment:

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