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Harold Tassiter is an NPC in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, serving as the secondary antagonist, and was previously heard in ECHO recordings in Borderlands 2 during the mission Get to Know Jack. Tassiter was the CEO and president of Hyperion and is integral to the main storyline in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Tassiter is a very corporate-minded CEO who will not waste resources if he can help it. He will frequently shut down Handsome Jack's operations without giving Jack time to explain his endeavour, and insult or threaten him shortly afterwards. Tassiter also has a tendency to look down on other people, as proven in his conversation with the Vault Hunters, where he constantly complains on their idiocy.


In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Tassiter frequently shows up on Jack's ECHO communicator, constantly nagging him and reminding him of his position in Hyperion. He also attempted to fire Jack once, but then had to rehire him again due to a decision made by the executive board. Nevertheless, he doesn't give up on doing this again, and even goes so far as hiring Jack's vault hunters to find incriminating evidences to ensure Jack is fired for good.

Tassiter's nagging eventually pushes Jack to the point where he snaps, and would lead to his death at an unknown time later, where he is strangled in his office. Jack then takes his place as CEO of Hyperion Corporation. After his death, Jack tore off Tassiter's goatee and kept it as a trophy and a reminder of what happens to people who are "a dick" to Jack. It is on display amongst various other treasures on the trophy shelf in Jack's office.



Borderlands 2
"Get out of there at once, you hideous little code monkey! And shut off that satellite!"
"You may have been able to scare the other directors into giving up their shares, but I know you. I know that beneath that ridiculous mask, you're still a hideous, pathetic little nobody."
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
"You're fired, John."
"You found a sensor array. I would explain what it does, but every breath I expend talking to you is one I could have used to spit at my secretary."
"Here is your reward. Choke on it!"
ECHO Recordings in Claptastic Voyage
"Note to self: place Override Key inside the Claptrap unit in case of emergencies. Let's embed it in an empty memory cluster! That'll make it easy to find again! One can never have too many failsafes."
"Proxy, this is Tassiter. Circumstances have changed. Locate and delete my earlier ECHO relating to my placement of the Override Key. Who in their RIGHT MIND leaves valuable information just lying around?! Besides, it's clear I need to extract the H-Source from the unit ASAP. I should never have chosen it as a hiding place! Order authorization alpha, papa, niner – Blast! Yes, Ms. Bailey?! Excellent. Send Jack in – and don't disturb us.I want to enjoy every SECOND of this."


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