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Tartarus Station is the central hub of Claptrap's New Robot Revolution from which many of the game's missions are obtained.


Notable Allies[]

Common Enemies[]

Weapon Crate Locations[]

Main article: Tartarus Station: Weapon Crate Locations

Points of Interest[]

The Bandit Express[]

The Bandit Express is a train that appears at the station proper when Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Two: Industrial Revolution is ready to be turned in. Claptrapped bandits and claptraps emerge from the train in a raid on the town, while civilian NPCs disappear (with the exception of Marcus Kincaid, Mr. Blake and Patricia Tannis).

Hostel Sal[]

The Hostel Sal cafeteria features briefly in One-UpmanPipp.

Hyperion Corporate Gift Shop[]

Access to this building is granted by accepting the mission Helping is its own reward... Wait No it isn't!. The Gift Shop holds little of value, only a few lockers. However, behind the counter is a button that allows access to a passageway. This passageway leads to the Gift Shop's basement. The basement contains 18 red chests, a weapons vendor, a med vendor and an ammo vendor. The basement can be accessed repeatedly with a game reset.

Hyperion Tourist Information Board[]

Main article: Hyperion Tourist Information Board

Pipp Inn Spa[]

Pipp Inn is a tall, gray bathhouse that has fallen into disrepair. It is located south of the railway line and hosts a mission objective in Spa Vs. Spa.


  • Rather than a claptrap announcing new bounty board missions in Tartarus Station, an ECHO message depicting a loudspeaker and identifying the Hyperion Tourist and Information Center as its source informs players of new missions and events. Of course, a different voice than Claptrap's is used.
    • "There are more missions available at the Hyperion Tourist Information Bounty Board." - Informing players of new missions
    • "Attention! Attention! Bandits are attacking Tartarus Station. If you play dead, they will leave you alone." - During the Bandit attack after completing Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Two: Industrial Revolution and arriving in Tartarus Station.
    • "Bandit infestation clear. Please resume your shady dealings and/or vacation activities." - After defeating all bandits and claptraps in the raid.
  • A Claptrap rescue mission, It's a Trap... Clap, can be acquired at the east end of Tartarus Station.
  • The Hyperion gift shop stays open after the completion of Mr. Blake's missions.
  • Approaching some of the citizens in Tartarus Station will cause a quote to play. This dialog is played softly and will not appear in the subtitles.


  • In Greek mythology, Tartarus is both a deity and a place in the underworld below Hades in which Zeus imprisoned Kronos, the Titan god of Time.
  • In the stairway which leads to the lower levels the second "T" in the 'Tartarus' sign points to a red weapons chest. It can be reached by jumping on the beam opposite and then leaping across.
  • On top of a building near the center of the town, there is a picture of a Claptrap with a speech bubble. The binary in the speech bubble translates to "Steve The Bandit".
  • The bandit train that appears in the station appears to have two jet engines mounted on the front in a style similar to that of the M-497 Black Beetle, a test-bed locomotive from the late 1960s.1
  • In Tartarus Station there is a poster on the back of a building in the north-western part of town advertising T.K. Baha Sightseeing Tours at Jakobs Cove.