Target of Opportunity is a location-based challenge in Borderlands 3. To complete this challenge, Hot Karl must be eliminated.


"Kill targets for Zer0 on Atlas' Most Wanted."
"This one's Hot Karl, / with fire and flaming shield. / Literally hot."


COVs stragglers will be encountered on the way to Hot Karl's camp. At the camp, a wall made of scrap metal on the left side of the path creates an invisible border that when crossed, spawns Hot Karl and a wave of COVs. Badass Bruisers, Badass Fanatics, Anointed Psychos or Anointed Fanatics can spawn in the wave.

Hot Karl has a large orange riot shield strapped to his left arm. The shield deflects all incoming fire and only leaves his shins and feet exposed. Hot Karl will use the shield by either swinging it to deal moderate damage and knockback or by holding it over his head and charging at the Vault Hunter. The charging attack can deal a large amount of damage but can be easily dodge as ample warning is given prior.

In his right arm, Hot Karl has torches that he will either throw at the Vault Hunter or use as a melee weapon. While the thrown torches can set things on fire, it can be easily dodged by step-stepping.

Throughout the fight, Hot Karl will make poses as a taunt. During the pose, he is completely exposed.

When his health drops below 30%, he will throw his shield at the Vault Hunter and pull out a rocket launcher. His rocket launcher deals large amounts of incendiary damage and leaves a pool of magma on the ground.

Hot Karl is immune to incendiary damage, and resistant to cryo, but never wears shields. Assault rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns are recommended for the fight, with radiation variants being preferred. A Baby Maker with the child projectile MIRV effect can also be effective against him.

Hot Carl can be a challenging opponent even for Vault Hunters that are several levels above him. With additional COVs supporting him, the fight can easily become overwhelming. By inching slowly over the trigger to spawn Hot Karl, it is possible to only get him to spawn. It is also possible to lure Hot Karl out to Roland's Rest by staying in his line of sight without attacking him. Once sufficiently drawn away from his camp, he becomes much easier to handle. In this scenario, he will never use his rocket launcher and does little to protect himself. Another scenario is for him to either become idle or start walking back to the camp. In this case, Hot Karl can be dealt with by shooting at his legs or back as he walks away.


"See you in hell, sir, / where they will constantly ask, / "Hot enough for you?""

Turn In: Zer0


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