Tannis' Laser of Enlightenment is a unique laser manufactured by Maliwan added in The Claptastic Voyage. It is obtained from the mission The Temple of Boom located in Subconscious, as one of two rewards.

Special Weapon Effects

Burn away the impurities of ignorance. – Always incendiary. Lasers behave like a flamethrower with a short range covering a cone. Increased damage, magazine size and elemental chance.

Usage & Description

This weapon's damage and high ignite chance are offset by very low range - only a third of other continuous-fire laser weapons like the Vibra-Pulse or Ol' Rosie. Its best usage would be in caves or buildings, where it could be used on multiple targets with less chance of their evading its reach.


  • The weapon is exceptionally useful for Athena, who has a whole skill tree based around dealing fire damage very quickly and can easily close in on distant enemies using Blood Rush.
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