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For the Borderlands 2 class mod, see Tank (class mod).

One of the branches of Brick's skill tree, focusing on his ability to mitigate damage, survive long engagements, and take hits for the team during multiplayer coop. His other two skill trees are Blaster and Brawler.

Skill Tree[]


Tank Skill Tree

Tier 1[]

  • Hardened: Increases maximum health (First level: +12% max health)
  • Safeguard: Increases the strength of your shield. (First level: +8% Shield strength)

Tier 2[]

  • Bash: Gives melee attacks a chance to daze enemies. (First level: +10% chance to Daze)
  • Juggernaut: Killing an enemy grants resistance to all damage for a few seconds. (First level: +10% Damage resistance)

Tier 3[]

  • Pay Back: After shields being depleted, a damage bonus is granted for 10 seconds. (First level: +8% Damage bonus)
  • Diehard: Increases the amount of health regained when revived by a friend or Second Wind. Also increases the amount of time before death when Crippled. (First level: +30% health; +20% Cripple time)

Tier 4[]

  • Unbreakable: After shields have been depleted, 5 seconds of powerful shield regeneration are granted. (First level: +3% shield regeneration a second)

Brick skills
Brawler Tank Blaster