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Talon is a friendly NPC pet of Mordecai, acquired after the loss of Bloodwing.


In Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, Talon first appears when Lilith requests the Vault Hunters to check on Mordecai. Talon is found at Mordecai's hideout but Mordecai himself is missing. Talon proceeds to lead the Vault Hunters to Mordecai, dropping skag tongues as clues. After Mordecai is rescued from an enemy ambush, he and Talon were returned to The Backburner by Lilith.



  • Mordecai-Talon
    A young bird assumed to be Talon was seen in one of the pictures shown during the credits for Borderlands 2 hatching from an egg.
  • Mordecai states he plans to give up drinking in order to raise Talon. This is reinforced by Brick in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.
  • Talon is somewhat aggressive, biting Lilith when she attempts to pet him (not that it stops her from calling him cute).
  • In the Pandoran Gazette, it is written that Mordecai needs skag tongues to feed his bird, saying his mother loved them. It is unknown if he meant Talon directly or that he had the mother of Bloodwing as a pet before Bloodwing.