Note on Krom's turret getting destroyed/not dying

I did this mission and had this happen after sniping him from across the map with a caustic sniper. This activated the first checkmark of destroying Krom. I was free to loot the chest and the quest showed that it was finished, despite Krom still being alive. So I believe the bug takes into account only Krom's turret being destroyed and not Krom himself. I'd theorize that the bug is likely due to the turret supposedly destroying Krom in the process, however, on occassion it does not. I'm only mentioning this year as you seemingly don't have to kill Krom in order to finish the mission. (I did anyway to avoid a possible glitch.) --Pyoobez 02:04, June 27, 2010 (UTC)


i can not kill the two guy up the rMP WHATS THE BEST WAY OR THE BEST WEAPON TO USE ?

strategy discussion

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If you can safely get up the ramps to the area below and to the left of his position (for instance, by phasewalking), and have a good sniper rifle, Krom's gun can be destroyed quickly with no chance of him firing back, since there is a point where his bullets and rockets are blocked by the edge of his firing opening but part of his gun is still visible. His minions will attempt to cross the ramps to this platform to attack; proximity grenades are a good way to ensure they do not reach you.

Long-range attacks from either of these areas can eliminate Krom quickly, although players must still reach Krom's position to collect the Vault key piece. If killing Krom is not a viable option (in cases where the players or characters are better suited to short-range fighting), then they must fight their way up the narrow bridges while coming under fire from the turret. In this case it is highly recommended to stay close to cover and stay away from unexploded barrels. Bandits will harass from various angles during the ascent. User:Wunengzi
Fryguysigwob 23:20, November 11, 2011 (UTC)
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