"Cone" of flame

Though the Laser of Enlightenment has a unique beam animation that looks like fire, I don't think it actually creates any kind of cone. The word cone implies a sort of area-of-effect, or splash damage if you will, and the Laser of Enlightenment does not have any such ability. As such, I reccomend the phrasing be changed. I didn't do it myself because I'm not 100% about it--it's possible that the range of the weapon is so short that when I test-fired it at the Deck 13/2 shooting range, the area of effect was not detectable.

Amorra (talk) 04:52, January 2, 2017 (UTC)Amorra

Weapon card picture info

Weapon card was captured from a Playthrough 1 run on The Claptastic Voyage with a level 50 Gladiator.  The mission was started and finished at level 50. Range testing was accomplished in the DLC zone "Subconscious" using a respawning barrel location and terrain features for distance measurement.  It is possible that the range is less than 1/3rd; that was the maximum testable range for the map layout.

For the equipment card I posted, here is the part info from Gibbed's BLTPS editor (note: weapon has not been modified in any way):

Set: Marigold Package Def (#5)
Type: GD_Cork_Weap_Lasers.A_Weapons.WT_Maliwan_Laser
Balance: GD_Ma_Weapons.A_Weapons_Unique.Laser_Maliwan_3_Enlightenment
Manufacturer: GD_Manufacturers.Manufacturers.Maliwan
Manufacturer Grade: 38
Body: GD_Cork_Weap_Lasers.Body.Laser_Body_Maliwan_4
Grip: GD_Cork_Weap_Lasers.FrontGrip.Laser_FrontGrip_Tediore
Barrel: GD_Ma_Weapons.Barrel.Laser_Barrel_Maliwan_3_Enlightenment
Sight: GD_Cork_Weap_Lasers.Sight.Laser_Sight_None
Stock: GD_Cork_Weap_Lasers.elemental.Laser_Elemental_Fire
Accessory #1: None
Accessory #2: GD_Weap_Accessories.Moonstone.Moonstone_Attachment_None
Material: GD_Ma_Weapons.Materials.Mat_Laser_Maliwan_3_Enlightenment
Prefix: GD_Ma_Weapons.Name.Prefix.Prefix_Enlightenment
Title: GD_Ma_Weapons.Name.Title.Title__Unique_Maliwan_Laser_3_Enlightenment
Game Stage: 38

Drewtig (talk) 00:31, March 27, 2015 (UTC)

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