"Wave good-bye to ya' head, Wanka!" - The Sniper

Is the text below the picture (listed in this post's title) a flavor text in-game, or is that merely a Sniper quote from Team Fortress 2?

Aphrion (talk) 00:14, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

It's just a sniper quote. Any quote under a picture that doesn't use the flavor text template is simply inserted by users. Nothing special about it. CrackLawliet (talk) 00:18, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, thanks for the clarification. And for the record, Sniper is pretty awesome: "Jarate!" *splash*Aphrion (talk) 15:36, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

Agreed. The Machina is his best weapon. CrackLawliet (talk) 15:40, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

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