Anyone notice that this seems to be the absolute slowest ammo regeneration in the game? With the skill maxed out, I only regenerated two rockets (didn't use any during the fight, marked how many I had beforehand) after killing an entire bandit camp of 5-10 bandits. Pretty pathetic, in my opinion.

It really works well if you space out your kills, the skill only trips when you kill people. If you kill everyone in just two shots you will only have that skill activated for 7-10 seconds. Not enough time to get those rockets regenerated.

I find its rocket regen is next to useless. If you've actually taken the Blast Master mod to try and maximise your damage and enhance the RoF on this you'll ba out of ammo in no time. The whole class mod is self-defeating in that the only way to utilise it is to switch off your rocket launcher to regen rockets, when you may aswell take a Bombardier class mod for the regen rate and get more damage that way. I use a Spread Launcher atm and firing 5 rockets a second before Master Blaster even kicks in theres just no way it could handle it. Of course if you're playing online with a Soldier using Team Ammo Regen the whole thing goes out the window but then you'd probably be using something more tanking orientated. - Evilsod

(On a personal observation)

Note that it says +X rockets regenerated per minute. However after killing a monster (with +5 to the skill, ie: +10 rockets per minute, or 1 rocket every 6 seconds) you will only notice the regeneration of 1 rocket (a few seconds after the kill) over the waiting period of a minute.

HOWEVER! I've noticed that I've regenerated a single rocket per kill, a couple seconds following each kill from a group of 5 monsters over about 15 seconds.

So either regeneration only kicks in from a kill and for a few seconds, or you regen a rocket or portion of a rocket per kill.

Rih 20:19, April 6, 2010 (UTC)Rih

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