I'm on the computer version of borderlands, GOTY edition, with all updates up to 1.41 and all DLC. i have never observed, at any time, kyros to have bodyguards. if someone could confirm this, i'd be grateful. in addition, after defeating Knoxx, he seems to stay at +4 levels of you, unknown if there's a cap.

Kyros may not have fixed bodyguards, but, as with Typhon, that won't keep existing spawn triggers from going off when you get close to him. Notably, if you haven't finished Wanted: Dead!, and haven't previously cleared his area that play session, an assassin squad will spawn near him. Mad Mephit 19:43, November 30, 2010 (UTC)
(From the main page [quote]Kyros is a non-respawning Crimson Lance officer,[/quote]...
That isn't exactly true. He is going to respawn as long as you won't kill Typhoon.

If you don't kill Typhon you can farm Kyros. Not sure if this is common knowledge or not. If you kill Kyros but not Typhon, then log out (and save) and log back in then Kyros will be there again. ````Cyrus

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