Tram detail
Tram level

Trap -- glitched ledge


There's a ledge on your left when you are going to get the lever, and on the right when you return. On your way to the lever, it's too high to jump to, but on your return, you may be tempted to get up there as a bit of added insurance against attack. Don't. The far end of the ledge is glitched, and you will not be able to jump out or retrace your steps, making it necessary to commit suicide or exit the game. 10:42, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

Observations from my attempts to complete this mission

Okay, I had a lot of trouble with this mission, especially compared to most other missions in Borderlands.

I am writing here certain things that were not obvious to me, and not knowing them made it difficult to complete.

The missing part of the mission briefing

"To get to the Atlas communication tower, you'll need to use the nearby gondola system. Unfortunately, it seems the local Skag-riding midgets have made off with the lever you need to turn it on, so you'll need to get it back first."

Physics model glitch

If you try to walk to the spot marked on your map to find the lever, you'll find you can't; when you get close, you'll hit an invisible barrier. Jump over it. 19:32, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

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