I just wanted to know exactly how this skill works.

I think of action skill cooldown like this: you have a "cooldown battery" that goes down to 0 when you use your skill, refills at a rate of 1 point per second when you're not using your skill, and when it's full (36 points, for an untalented Lilith), you can use your skill again. From that perspective, the different cooldown adjustments work like this.

  • With full Blackout, every time an enemy dies you get an instant lump addition of 6 points to your cooldown battery.
  • With full Hard to Get, your cooldown battery only needs 20 points to be full.
  • With a top-quality (30%) Catalyst class mod, your cooldown battery refills at a rate of 1.3 points per second when not in Phasewalk, and 0.3 points per second when in Phasewalk.

Example: with all of the above and full Hit & Run, you come out of a full-length Phasewalk with 9.5*0.3 = 2.85 points already, with 17.15 remaining, i.e. 17.15/1.3 = 13.2 seconds, and each kill gives you 6 points, i.e. 6/1.3 = 4.6 seconds off the clock. One kill (say your Phase Strike kill): 13.2-4.6 = 8.6 seconds left. 21:49, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

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