The reward found in the weapons chest varies. I found two Jakobs sniper rifles when I opened it. --User:Mensahero 12:11 UTC, 11/22/09

Possible Bug?

After completing Bandit Treasure: X Marks the Spot with my level 31 Soldier, a claptrap radio message appeared saying "there are new missions at the Fyrestone Bounty Board". Checking the board, I found that Schemin' That Sabotage and Find Bruce McClane were available.
I had definitely completed these missions before (to get the achievement 'made in fyrestone'), and both misions were Trivial difficulty, at a level of around 18.
Furthemore, this was only my first playthrough. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Fellturtle 07:44, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

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