One of the best places to level up in the game

Especially in UVHM, when you're trying to get to 72.  I've used it to level myself and a friend and it was better than boss farming.  A rough guide to leveling on this map:

1 - If possible, get a co-op partner. Not needed, but it helps you level faster and increases the EXP (increases the chances of things like Rabid and Tubby Skags spawning).
2 - Go after the Skags, in order; Straight ahead from the entrance/FastTravel, Up a bit and down to the left where more skags spawn, turn around and go to the slag pool, then down to the area across from the entrance to the Fyrestone and on the way to TK Baha's place. Turn right and kill skags as you go along, following the path until you're cut off by a lake of slag. Kill the loaders here, then exit to the left on the opposite side of where you entered and there you will find the last set of skags. If you wish, you can go after Bonehead 2.0 in the area beyond, and even the ones in town.
3 - Don't bother going after Saturn (The Boss). He takes too long to kill.
I suggest this area because it has a good chance of spawning Rabid Skags, which are (IMO at least) the quickest way of getting a LOT of EXP. This area also has, thanks to all the skags, an increased chance of getting Chubby/Tubby skags, especially if you co-op. Tubby skags, which are the UVHM variant of their Chubby Counterparts have a high chance of dropping the new Legendary class mods, and some of them are really good. In fact, you have a better chance of these Tubbies dropping a Legendary Class Mod or the Legendary Rocket Launcher (Bunny, which sucks), than not dropping anything. Rabid Skags can be tough if you have poor equipment, but they're worth a ton of EXP, more than many bosses and they don't take nearly as much time to kill. Even if you don't get any Rabid or Tubby Skags, even Fossil skags and Bonehead will help out a bit. Shade of Death (talk) 16:39, December 31, 2013 (UTC)
Incidentally, I wrote the above.  No idea why I was logged into the other account.  Probably made one of these accounts separately, not realizing I already had one, and got logged into the above one on another Wikia.  Kage No Shi (talk) 19:03, March 12, 2014 (UTC)

Why Did They Make a Slight Change To the Name?

I'm just wondering because isn't the Arid Nexus Badlands the exact same place as Arid Badlands from the original Borderlands? Just asking. Feel free to reply.

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