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Tales from the Borderlands is an episodic graphic adventure game series developed by Telltale Games, with creative input from Gearbox Software. The game was initially released on November 25th, 2014 for PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, on November 26th for Xbox One, on December 3rd for Xbox 360, and on December 18th for iOS and Android.


Unlike the Borderlands shooter games, Tales of the Borderlands is a storytelling adventure where players choose how the story plays out. There are twists and turns that are dependent on player choices, and using simple keyboard or mouse commands players will be asked to react to situations. The game will usually wait until a decision is made, but sometimes choices must be made before time runs out.

The episodes feature two main characters: Rhys, a Hyperion business shark and Fiona, a tough-as-nails con artist. They have vastly different personalities but their circumstances force them to work together. How they and other characters in the story react is up to the player. Every choice made and everything they say is remembered by other characters and can influence later events.

There are a total of five episodes in the adventure, each with their own release date.

Chronology-wise, events of Tales from the Borderlands are unreliably narrated by Rhys and Fiona roughly a year after they actually happened. Relative to overall timeline, episodes 1 to 3 take place some time after events of Borderlands 2, just right before The Pre-Sequel's prologue and epilogue, and remaining are set shortly after that.


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  1. "Zer0 Sum"
  2. "Atlas Mugged"
  3. "Catch a Ride"
  4. "Escape Plan Bravo"
  5. "The Vault of the Traveler"



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