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Taking Stock is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Marcus.


"Marcus' stockroom is running dangerously low on useless touristy crap. Find ten handsome bobble-heads around the Hyperion factory complex in Dividing Faults and bring them back to Marcus for a handsome reward."



Taking Stock

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Collect 10 bobble-heads for Marcus.
  • Bobble-heads: 0/10


HUD markers denote locations of ten bobble-heads. The waypoints mark out a somewhat clockwise route around the map, beginning with the camp of claptrapped bandits on the southwestern corner of the map and leading inside.

The area is inhabited by claptraps and a number of their human-robot hybrids. The area presents several bobble-heads in hard-to-reach places. It is generally best to hunt down all aggressors in the near vicinity before proceeding to find ways to reach the trickiest positions.

Extra care should be taken in approaching and acquiring the eighth, ninth and tenth bobble heads. These areas contain repeatedly respawning enemies, namely claptraps and the resisting bandits of D-Fault. The ninth bobble head is found in a narrow alley on the northern part of the map that will rapidly spawn several ambushing claptraps. The last bobble head is found on the bridge leading to D-Fault's plateau.


"Marcus' bobble-head supply is completely restocked. The dashboards of Pandora will not go unfurnished!"

Nearby Missions[]


  • Text of A Marcus Bobble-Head item: An effigy of your good friend Marcus, with a wobbly head!
  • As this mission leads to the camp of D-Fault's bandits, it is practical to do the mission Not My Fault immediately after this.
  • Exiting and re-entering the game after only collecting some of the bobble-heads will cause all of the bobble-heads to reappear, allowing players to collect the same ones again until the bobble-head quota is filled.