Taking Flight is a story mission in Borderlands 3.


"At long last, the Vault Map is back in the hands of the Crimson Raiders. Now to find out where it will lead. Probably nothing of significant consequences will happen."



  • Give Map to Lillith
  • Take Vault map from Lillith
  • Go to Eridian dig site
  • Give map to Tannis
  • Loot area while waiting
  • Defend Tannis and map
  • Let Tannis examine map
  • Head to ship in Raiders Drydock
  • Drive biofuel rig
  • Collect biofuel (by running over stuff): (10)
  • Get Astronav chip
  • Drive biofuel rig
  • Deliver biofuel
  • Return to Raider's Drydock
  • Take elevators to catwalk
  • Kill COV attacking Lillith
  • Revive Lillith
  • Talk to Ellie



Turn In: Ellie


  • Mission items: Astronav Chip

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