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THE TWO TIME is a unique sniper rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the mission ECHOnet Neutrality located in Devil's Razor.

Special Weapon Effects

Back-to-back consecutive champion. – Always shock. Fires two bullets in a vertical line that instantly arrive at their target. Never spawns with a scope.

Usage & Description

With its hit-scan feature and fixed element, THE TWO TIME can be an effective weapon for small, fast-moving, or shielded enemies as they can be hit without having to lead the target. However, as it never spawns with a scope, taking advantage of its hitscan nature can be rather difficult at long range.



  • The name THE TWO TIME is a reference to DrDisrespect, a popular Twitch streamer who claims to have been the Blockbuster Games World Champion twice, back to back in 1993-1994.