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Symbiosis is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that asks Vault Hunters to find and kill a midget riding a bullymong.



  • Find a bullymong-riding-midget
  • Defeat Midgemong


Midgemong is found in Southern Shelf - Bay at the top of the buildings along the shore. His location is marked by a $ sign as he is in a room with some vending machines. To reach the top, Vault Hunters must to traverse the length of the camp and ascend a ramp found on the far side.

The duo attack when a roller door opens, granting access to their room on the top level. They have separate health bars and critical hit spots, and are further backed up by two Badass Marauders that exit a door nearby.

Midgemong jumps to a predetermined series of locations whenever he is targeted. One way to kill Midgemong is to position a character adjacent to the doors of the room Midgemong originates from. From this location the Vault Hunter can target Midgemong at all the locations he jumps to but he will not jump to the Vault Hunter's position. As his gunfire is rather weak compared to his charge, defeating Midgemong from this location is comparatively easy, and possible even if the mission is tough. Vault Hunters can also purchase health kits and ammo from nearby vending machines at this location and it will not be necessary to clear the area of bandits on the way to him if this strategy is used.

Killing the midget first will result in the bullymong throwing debris and jumping around. Killing the bullymong first will cause the dismounted midget to shoot from a static location but otherwise move in the same manner as a Midget Goliath.


Turn in to the Southern Shelf bounty board or Sir Hammerlock.


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  • Phaselock will trap the both of them, but the Midget will continue attacking.

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