Swamp Bro is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

It's Chadd time, brah! Don't wuss out! Come on! Taste the danger!
— In-game description


"S'up? Name's Chadd, that's with a Double-D. Like, for "double danger". You wanna go on an extreme adventure ? Gonna be extreme, brah! Trust a Chadd, you don't wanna miss that!"

"I got a new idea, brah! Super epic STUNT!"

"When danger calls, you answer, brah!"

"Taste the dangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"



  • Follow Chadd
  • Kill Grogs: 0/3
  • Grab grog guts: 0/3
  • Give grog guts to Chadd
  • Follow Chadd
  • Kill Ravagers: 0/3
  • Revive Chadd
  • Answer the call of danger
  • Jump!
  • Revive Chadd
  • Get fuel cans: 0/3
  • Attach fuel cans to boosters: 0/3
  • Shoot igniter
  • Get Chadd's righteous loot



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