Swagman is an uncommon very rare outlaw in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel encountered in tork-heavy areas of Outlands Canyon and Stanton's Liver. He can be easily identified by his distinctive hat.



The Swagman can pose a challenge to unprepared Vault Hunters due to his increased health, shield capacity and potential damage output. Swagman only ever wields various lasers, most commonly of the Splitter variety.

When first encountered, he will always be surrounded by a cloud of Blowflies that treat him as an ally, and he will frequently be found fending off various types of torks.

His high shield capacity makes shock weapons highly useful against him, however as he is only ever encountered in areas that are free of oxygen, incendiary damage can be of limited use, depending on the power of the weapon used. While resistant to cryo damage whilst his shield is active, he is nevertheless capable of being frozen to temporarily limit his usually dangerous damage output.


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