Sustainment is a tier 5 passive skill in Amara's Fist of the Elements skill tree. This skill gives Amara life steal whenever she deals elemental damage with her weapons.


  • Life Steal: 4% of damage dealt per rank
Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Life Steal +4% +8% +12% +16% +20%

Usage & description

Only the impact damage of an elemental attack heals; Status effects do not.

Attack types that qualify for Sustainment:

A non-elemental weapon cannot cause Sustainment to heal the player, even if elemental damage is added by Infusion or Forceful Expression, or by class mods, anointments etc. granting such bonuses.


Contrary to what the description suggests, the amount healed is not based on actual damage dealt: instead, it is based on the weapon's/action skill's base damage stated on the card. This means that:

  • No elemental bonus of any sort affects the amount healed.
  • What element is used against what enemy type is irrelevant for healing.
  • Critical hits do not increase the amount healed.
  • Guardian Ranks have no effect.
  • With elemental melee strikes, only base melee damage is used for calculation (1338 at level 50).
  • Most damage-increasing skills/bonuses have no effect. There are a few exceptions:
    • The gun damage increase of Wrath and Jab Cross also increases the amount healed.
    • The hidden damage multiplier of Blitz (×1.5 at level 50) increases the amount healed.
    • Reverberation increases damage to every enemy hit by the same attack; the healing amount is scaled accordingly.
    • All excess damage carried by a Remnant orb counts for healing.


Ties that Bind synergizes well with Sustainment: 35% of damage dealt to one of the targets is used for an elemental attack against every other linked target. The element used is Amara's action skill element, but since Sustainment ignores elemental multipliers, for the amount healed it does not matter which element is used.

As the base damage to linked targets is based on actual damage dealt to the target hit, the amount healed is increased by all skills and bonuses that increase damage against that target, including elemental modifiers and critical hits.

This also means that non-elemental weapons like a Jakobs sniper rifle can be used for healing: The damage dealt to the enemy hit by the weapon does not heal, but the resulting damage to all linked targets does.


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