Surveyors are small, agile, airborne Hyperion robots that provide support to Hyperion robots on the ground, by regenerating or creating shields, and providing repairs.

Repair Surveyors and Badass Repair Surveyor are the most common surveyor type in Normal Mode. Shield Surveyors and Badass Shield Surveyors are rarer, and have the ability to charge up a shield for any nearby loaders. In True Vault Hunter Mode the names of the regular surveyors become Reinforced Repair Surveyor and Energized Shield Surveyor.



Surveyors are lightly armored, and generally do not require much firepower to destroy. Their structural weakness is largely offset their high mobility and ability to generate an impenetrable shield around themselves. They are easiest to target while on an attack run or motionless while performing repairs.

Surveyors can repair all types of loaders and constructors. Hyperion surveyors are also equipped with a weak shock attack that disrupts shields and, while not dangerous on its own, can be fatal in combination with loaders or other Hyperion enemies on the ground.

Hyperion Hawks can occasionally hitch a ride on a passing surveyor and turn into an incredibly mobile weapons platform by hovering above the field of battle and raining down rockets.


  • There is an extremely rare glitch where the surveyor will regenerate a Vault Hunter's shield and health. This bug has only been confirmed with a Super Badass Repair Surveyor.
  • Maya's Thoughtlock skill will cause a Surveyor to regenerate a Vault Hunter's health or shield.
  • Whereas Repair Surveyors in normal mode never have shields, Reinforced Repair Surveyors always carry shields.
  • If Maya Phaselocks a surveyor, they will fall to the ground after Phaselock wears off.
  • Additional names for surveyors in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge are:
    • Super Badass Repair Surveyor v2.0
    • Energized Shield Surveyor v2.0
    • Reinforced Repair Surveyor v2.0


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