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Surveyors are small, agile, airborne Hyperion drones that provide support to Hyperion robots on the ground, by regenerating or creating shields, and providing repairs, as well as attacking other targets.

Surveyor Types

  • Repair Surveyors and Badass Repair Surveyor are the most common surveyor type in normal mode. Regular repair surveyors have only one set of wings while the Badass variant has three.
  • Shield Surveyors and Badass Shield Surveyors are rarer, and have the ability to charge up a shield for any nearby loaders. When idle, the Shield Surveyor can deploy a yellow frontal deflector shield similar to that of a constructor's. Attacking the shield will cause bullets to be deflected back at the Vault Hunters, but it does not block splash damage from weapons like Flakker. Both variants possess two pairs of wings, with the regular version colored white and blue and the Badass variant colored yellow and blue.



Surveyors are lightly armored, and generally, do not require much firepower to destroy. Their structural weakness is largely offset their high mobility and ability to generate an impenetrable shield around themselves for certain variants. They are only easy to target when on an attack run or when repairing other enemies.

Surveyors can repair all types of loaders and constructors. They can also fire energy bolts to deal shock damage, which can prove threatening in presence of other enemies.

Hyperion Hawks can occasionally hitch a ride on a passing surveyor and turn into an incredibly mobile weapons platform by hovering above the field of battle and raining down rockets. When a surveyor is ready to attach itself to a Hyperion Hawk, it will deploy its deflector shield and slowly drift towards the Hyperion Hawk while constantly facing the Vault Hunter, and once it reaches the Hawk, it will attach itself with the soldier and take flight. Surveyors rarely do so if loaders are present alongside Hyperion Hawks.

Surveyors return in Borderlands 3, being large and stiff but retaining other capabilities. While they now all come with their own energy shields in addition to their armor, reflector shields are absent. Surveyors prefer staying in place even when attacking, making them easy targets.

Surveyors are capable of firing energy beams that deal moderate amounts of damage. Badass Surveyors are also capable of performing bombing runs by dropping energy spheres on their targets. Just like before, Surveyors can be constructed on the battlefield via either Constructors or SVY Loaders. Badass Surveyors become the more common variant on Mayhem Mode or True Vault Hunter Mode.


  • There is an extremely rare glitch where the surveyor will erroneously target Vault Hunters, regenerating their health and shields. This bug has only been confirmed with a Super Badass Repair Surveyor, akin to how Maya's Thoughtlock skill forces them to become friendly.
  • Surveyors affected by Thoughtlock seem to prioritize repairs over attacking other enemies, making them poor distractions.
  • Whereas Repair Surveyors in normal mode never have shields, Reinforced Repair Surveyors always carry shields.
  • Deathtrap will never melee them and will only use his shock laser against them.
  • If Maya Phaselocks a surveyor, they are suspended, and will fall to the ground when Phaselock wears off.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, the names of the regular surveyors become Reinforced Repair Surveyor and Energized Shield Surveyor.
  • Additional names for surveyors in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge are:
    • Super Badass Repair Surveyor v2.0
    • Energized Shield Surveyor v2.0
    • Reinforced Repair Surveyor v2.0
  • Aside from Wilhelm's combat drones, Wolf and Saint, Surveyors primarily appear in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as Worker Bots, with the name being mentioned by Jack multiple times. These surveyors only serve as game scenery as they are only treated as an NPC and given a health bar during the mission Don't Get Cocky where one must be defended from Dahl fighter jets. They are also colored yellow, are at least twice the size of a Repair Surveyor, have no combat capabilities, and use a tractor beam during the missions Watch Your Step, Quarantine: Infestation and Don't Get Cocky.


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