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Super Badass Loaders are the largest of the common loaders, and are deployed by Hyperion only in rare circumstances. Aside from their size, Super Badass Loaders are further distinguished by six massive incendiary cannons that they have as substitutes for arms.



Super Badass Loaders have six autocannons in place of arms, which are their only critical points. Super Badass Loaders have three attacks; a ground stomp performed on an enemy that is too close, a powerful volley of shots fired from all six arms, and a shock damage optic blast if their autocannons have been disabled. Their shoulder joints are robust and can withstand multiple hits before failing. Once their arms are destroyed, no further critical hits can be scored on them, and doing so only removes around 40% of the loader's health, assuming if the loader is not damaged otherwise.

Super Badass Loaders tend to keep their distance from their targets and even retreat if they get too close. They will continue firing even if their targets get behind a cover. Their primary weapons have mandatory 10-seconds cooldown period during which they can only use their melee ground-stomping attack. This can be used as an advantage by waiting behind a cover for them to go into cooldown and then pop out and shoot at them with no fear of being shot at back, as unless their autocannon arms are destroyed, Super Badass Loaders don't tend to use the optic blast often.


  • On Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed to Ultimate Badass Loader.
  • Like constructors, most Super Badass Loaders have fixed spawn locations.