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Sully the Blacksmith is a boss fought midway through the TK Baha's Bloody Harvest gauntlet mission The Bloody Harvest.


Sully the Blacksmith is an undead creature that serves as the blacksmith of Hallowed Hollow, and his hammer is required to forge the skeleton key which is required to access the lair of the Pumpkin Kingpin. As Sully is hostile, he must be killed, after which the Vault Hunters salvage the hammer from him and forge the keys.



  • Sully has an increased chance to drop the legendary HellFire submachine gun and the Neogenator shield.
  • Sully is a non-respawning enemy and will not appear again after it is defeated.


  • Zombie T.K. Baha is oblivious to the fact that Sully is a hostile monster, speaking of him as if he were a friend both when Sully is approached and after he is killed.

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