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These zombies are essentially Bruisers that carry explosive barrels on their backs. While they carry the barrel they walk rather slowly. At a distance from their enemy they will throw their barrel, dealing explosive damage on impact. Once they've thrown their barrel the Suicide Zombie will run at their target, tear off their arm, and explode. Shooting them in the legs will make them fall and explode instantly. Additionally, if they are shot in the head before they explode, they will die without exploding and pop a brain out.



These enemies cause a large amount of damage when they explode, so it is best to kill them before they get close. Using a Sniper Rifle is recommended.

Suicide Zombies are easily distinguished by the large explosive barrel on their shoulders. This barrel provides an excellent target because it will usually explode with one shot, killing the Suicide Zombie as well as damaging nearby enemies. Missing the opening shots on the barrel can be a risky proposition as its blast is as harmful to the characters as it is to the zombie carrying it. A thrown barrel can also be shot and destroyed while airborne.

After having thrown the barrel, a Suicide Zombie will charge very quickly, leaving a minimal opportunity to score the needed hits to bring the giant down. A critical hit will usually result in its demise, but a few body shots are also effective thanks to the innate fragility of all Suicide Zombies.

  • Shotguns in general are not recommended unless they have high accuracy.
  • Sniper rifles tend to perform poorly against the charge attack due to the high rate of speed with which the Suicide Zombie can move.
  • Repeater Pistols are good if the zombie is spotted before it throws the barrel, but not usually powerful enough to stop the charge.
  • Revolvers are great in such a situation as long as the user can get a critical hit or blow the tank. A revolver with the Masher accessory would do well in this situation, due to their high projectile count.
  • Combat rifles and SMGs are good for any zombie situation, especially ones with extended magazines and Incendiary or Explosive damage.
  • If the killing blow on a suicide zombie is a shot to the legs, he will fall and explode. The resulting explosion will kill any other zombies within the immediate proximity.


  • Though the Suicide Zombies have the outfit of a Badass Bruiser, they have the face mask of a normal Bruiser.
  • Suicide Zombies tear off their left arm to explode, possibly to create an adrenaline rush that causes the explosion.
  • Their model is an altered version of Hanz.