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For the common enemy in Borderlands 3, see Suicide Psycho (Borderlands 3).

Suicide Psychos are an enemy type encountered in Borderlands 2.



Suicide Psychos are easily identified by their blue mohawks and blood-stained skin. When they spot a Vault Hunter, they will lift a grenade over their heads and make a mad dash towards the nearest one. Once they get close, they detonate the grenade, blowing themselves up and dealing extreme damage to anything nearby. If however, they cannot get close, they will simply throw grenades like a normal enemy. If shot on the grenade carrying hand (the one raised), they will drop the grenade. When this happens, they stop, and simply take out another grenade and continue attacking. If they are killed before they get close, they drop a live grenade which blows up after a few seconds. They also have a midget variety.


  • Don't hate me! I hate me!
  • Don't hate me, mommy!
  • I'm a bad baby!
  • It's a cupcake. I swear it's a cupcake!
  • Boom time!
  • Cookies and screams, all topped with cream!
When about to blow
  • YOLO!
  • Hi!
  • Doink!
  • Smile!
  • Buh-bye!
  • Pushing daisies!
  • Purple nurple!
  • BALLS!


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