Suicidal Lunatics are buzz-axe-wielding scavs that frequent scav camps in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are distinguishable by the large red rocket strapped to their backs. They act much like ordinary Lunatics, with the addition that they will eventually divebomb with a suicide attack, using their rocket.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Suicidal Lunatics act very much like ordinary Lunatics, except that they will eventually decide to divebomb the Vault Hunters with a suicide attack, exploding when they hit the ground. When they do so, they fly in a large arc quite quickly, though they can be destroyed in midair before they land by a sharp-eyed Vault Hunter.

When at a distance from their targets, Suicidal Lunatics commonly use leap attacks to get in close whilst simultaneously harming and knocking back their targets. They are also capable of using powerful slam attacks identical to the slams Vault Hunters can perform using their Oz kits.

It can be difficult to perform critical hits on Suicidal Lunatics, due to their erratic movement and frequent dodging. However, scoring a critical hit can pop their oxygen bubble, causing them to be briefly stunned and suffocate until the bubble recharges. cryo damage and slams are also effective, as they can be frozen and knocked back, respectively.


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