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"Sucker born every minute" is an achievement/trophy attainable with the Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC release for Borderlands, similar to the achievements earned for discovering certain locations.


"Paid for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet."


The mission Code Breaker: Time is Bullets takes place at the World's Largest Bullet. On the right is a door with a money box adjacent to it. The cost required to buy a tour of the bullet is exactly 8 million dollars ($8,000,000) and will only be accepted if the character has that amount or more. The achievement unlocks when the money is deducted. Nothing will actually happen in exchange for the payment; it is simply a means of getting the achievement/trophy.


  • This achievement is hidden in the Steam version of the game and won't appear in a Personal Stats page until unlocked.
  • It is possible to cheat by gaining the achievement and then quitting the game without saving.


  • The quote "there's a sucker born every minute" was spoken originally in reference to the Cardiff Giant hoax. The fact that the World's Largest Bullet, like the Cardiff Giant, is not authentic may be relevant to this achievement.
  • The phrase was falsely attributed to PT Barnum by a business rival and means that people's stupidity can always be exploited to make money.

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