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Submachine Gun parts are very simple, as any combination of parts may spawn together to make a particular submachine gun.

Different parts will influence different attributes of the weapon.

Body Stock Magazine Barrel Sight Accessory
Damage x x x x
Accuracy x x
Recoil x x x x
Rate of fire x x x
Reload speed x x x
Tech x x x x x

Note: Submachine gun parts also include a grip. However, the grip does not affect any of the weapon's attributes. Each grip design is specific to the weapon's manufacturer.

A submachine gun's name derives from the body, stock, and magazine parts present on the weapon.


SMG Parts

Patrol SMG


The body of a submachine gun is usually easy to identify, since the model name declares it straightforwardly.

Part Model
Damage Rate of fire Recoil Tech Image Notes
body1 TD -8% Baseline body
body2 KKA +10% -17% +30% Slower-firing, more powerful
body3 TEK -15% +30% -30% +3 Fast-firing but weak, with high tech. The body of the legendary Savior (Model name: SV) visually resembles this body, but does much more damage and has still higher tech
body4 RF +20% -23% +50% +1 Even slower-firing but more powerful.
body5 HX +20% +50% -20% +1 Premium body, superior in every attribute


The stock is completely specified within the weapon's model number. For unique weapons without a model number, the stock is easily distinguishable in profile.

The stock affects both overall weapon stability (recoil reduction), accuracy and reload speed. In addition, some stocks offer a minor tech upgrade.

Note that the weapon's model number is a function of both its stock model number (listed here) as well as its magazine model number.

Part Model
Recoil Reload
Tech Image Notes
stock_none 10 +50% -20% +100% +40% -30% Stockless weapon: unstable, but fastest reload
stock1 0 +20% Baseline
stock2 20 -10% -10% +20% -40% +30% Better balance, but slower reload
stock3 30 -20% -20% +40% -30% +1 Better balance without any reload penalty; slight tech upgrade
stock4 40 -30% -30% +60% -80% +20% Still better balance with a slight reload penalty
stock5 50 -40% -40% +80% -100% +1 Premium stock: best balance, no penalty to reload, tech upgrade


The magazine is specified within the weapon's model number. For unique weapons without a model number, they're mostly easily distinguished by the weapon's ammo capacity.

Primarily, the magazine specifies the number of rounds of ammunition carried by the submachine gun; beyond that, it influences weapon damage and reload speed, and can affect rate of fire and the weapon's tech level as well.

Note that the weapon's model number is a function of both its magazine model number (listed here) as well as its stock model number.

Part Model
Size Damage Rate
of fire
Tech Notes
mag1_thumper 0 -10 +70% -67% -25% Instead of fully automatic fire, fires single shots. Weapons with this magazine are eligible for the Thumper title
mag2 2 -15% Baseline: Low capacity, fast loading
mag3 3 +8 -20% +2 Fast-reloading tech banana-clip magazine
mag4 4 +27 +60% Slow-reloading big drum magazine. Visually similar to the magazine of the legendary Wildcat
mag5 5 +18 +40% +1 A compromise between magazines 3 and 4


While submachine gun barrels do not affect the weapon's model number, they are easy to distinguish visually from their overall length and the profile of the flash suppressor or shroud at the end of the barrel.

Barrels strongly affect the weapon's damage and accuracy, and can influence recoil reduction and weapon tech level as well.

Part Damage Acc.
Recoil Tech Image Notes
barrel1 -4% Baseline
barrel2 +15% +28% -20% +20% +20% Snub-front damage barrel. Visually similar ot the barrel of the legendary Gasher
barrel3 +10% -50% -30% -30% +1 Good accuracy and recoil handling with a slight tech bonus
barrel3_Twisted +10% -50% -30% -30% +4 Visually identical to barrel3, but confers a very large tech bonus on weapons with an elemental accessory.

On weapons without an elemental accessory, however, fires low-velocity rounds that travel in a helical path, ricocheting off of obstacles, and leaving visible tracer in the air

barrel4 +30% -30% -10% -40% +35% Highest damage barrel.
barrel5 +15% -130% -40% -150% -50% Highest accuracy barrel. The barrel of the legendary Bitch is visually identical with this barrel


As with all weapons in Borderlands, the grip does not affect any of the submachine gun's attributes. Each grip design is specific to the weapon's manufacturer, therefore each SMG of the same manufacturer will have the same grip.

Part Dahl Hyperion Maliwan Tediore Torgue
grip1 X
grip2 X
grip3 X
grip4 X
grip5 X


SMG sights are easily distinguished by the zoom statistic published on the weapon's gun card. They have no further effect on the weapon's attributes.

Part Zoom Notes
sight_none none No sights on weapon other than whatever the top of the body provides
sight1 1.7x Low-power lensed sight
sight2 2.4x Electronic sight
sight3 2.9x High-power lensed sight
sight4 3.9x Higher-power scope
sight5 4.3x Highest-power scope


Unlike other parts, the accessory part does not have a consistent effect on a weapon's attributes: some accessories boost tech, some alter recoil, some increase damage. Some accessories grant a special property to the weapon, Elemental Damage, beyond mere attribute modification; furthermore, almost all accessories make their weapon eligible for a special name prefix or title describing the weapon's altered behavior, such as "Relentlesss" or "Double."

Most accessories are easy to differentiate visually. Most of them appear behind the receiver, immediately in the player's view in first-person perspective, though two (acc1_Relentless and acc2_Ruthless) appear under the barrel similar to a pistol accessory.

Part Image

An accessory may or may not be present on any given submachine gun, and no more than a single accessory may be present, which is why the game will never spawn, for example, a legendary Double Hellfire.

Elemental accessories[]

There are four different elemental accessories, acc3_corrosive, acc3_shock, acc5_explosive, and acc5_incendiary, corresponding to the four different varieties of Elemental Damage. Each glow in the color corresponding to their element, making them easily identifiable. Elemental accessories grant shots fired from the submachine gun elemental properties, imposing a -40% damage penalty in exchange, and grant an increase to the weapon's overall tech level.

The accessory of the legendary Hellfire resembles an ordinary elemental accessory.

A submachine gun with an elemental accessory is eligible for various elemental prefixes, depending on the weapon's element and net tech level.

Relentless accessory[]

The Relentless accessory acc1_Relentless grants a submachine gun a 20% bonus to its rate of fire.

A weapon with the Relentless accessory is eligible for the Relentless prefix.

Ruthless accessory[]

The Ruthless accessory acc2_Ruthless grants a submachine gun a -45% bonus to its recoil handling, along with a -53% bonus to its reload speed.

A weapon with the Ruthless accessory is eligible for the Ruthless prefix.

Vector accessory[]

The Vector accessory acc2_Vector grants a submachine gun a 45% bonus to its rate of fire, a -200% bonus to its recoil handling, and a -53% bonus to its reload speed.

A weapon with the Vector accessory will be eligible for one of the higher quality prefixes, such as Hostile or Malevolent, further increasing the weapon's damage and tech level.

Double accessory[]

Weapons with the Double accessory acc4_Double fire two projectiles with every cycling of their action, expending two rounds of ammunition per shot. This effectively doubles the weapon's rate of fire. Accuracy spread is greatly increased (+75%), i.e. accuracy is decreased, and the two bullets do less damage apiece (-18%). The weapon gains 20% in magazine capacity.

A weapon with the Double accessory is eligible for the Double prefix. If it has sufficiently low accuracy (i.e., sufficiently high spread), it may be eligible for the Anarchy title.

No accessory[]

The part acc_none serves as a placeholder for a weapon with conventional behavior, nothing more. A SMG with this non-part will have no accessory visible beneath the barrel or behind the receiver.


Other than unique drops, a SMG name consists of the name of its body, a model number comprising stock and magazine, a possible manufacturer-specific material code, a prefix derived from its attributes or accessory, and a title.

Body name[]

The first element of the SMG name is a simple function of its body part. To recap:

Name Body denoted
TD body1
KKA body2
TEK body3
SV Tediore legendary
RF body4
HX body5

Model number[]

The model number consists of the sum of the number codes for the weapon's stock and magazine. Weapons with any stock other than stock1 and any magazine other than mag2 have this model number further multiplied by 10, denoting their premium quality.

mag1_thumper mag2 mag3 mag4 mag5
stock_none 100 12 130 140 150
stock1 none 2 3 4 5
stock2 200 22 230 240 250
stock3 300 32 330 340 350
stock4 400 42 430 440 450
stock5 500 52 530 540 550

The magazine of the legendary Wildcat has the same code as its base part mag4, 4. Hence Wildcats are distinguishable only by their title "Wildcat."

Material code[]

Material codes are common to all weapons. See Material Grade for more info.


The prefix is determined either by the weapon's overall attributes, its accessory, or possibly its material grade. Attribute prefixes may further bias the weapon's attributes.


The title is determined either from the weapon's overall attributes, its accessory, or a legendary part. If the weapon does not qualify for any of these, its title defaults to "SMG,"

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