(Accept mission)

Pickle: I'll admit, I 'eard stories about Sub-Level 13 in the old Dahl factory that make me shiver, but that didn't stop me from sending me mate 'Arry to, uh... recover a space fold inverter I got wind of! 'E's as smart as they come, but not that 'andy with a gun. He just radioed back some twoddle about "ghosts" and "hauntings" and "ahhhh, I'm gonna die". So, I'm sending you in to find him! Get into the old Dahl factory, find 'Arry and my inverter, and get out. Bish bash bosh!

(Enter Sub-Level 13)

Pickle: Well, ther power's on up 'ere, that's something.

(Ride down elevator)

Elevator Voice: Descending. Be aware: Sub-Level 13 has been designated an Obsidian Alpha Quarantine zone.

Pickle: Don't worry if it's dark as coual dust, I reck-- *static*

Ghost: Cold, then hot, then cold...

Pickle: Uhhh, I'm sure there's a totally scientific reason for that. Keep searchin'!

(Moving on)

Ghost: Help meeee...

Pickle: What the flamin' 'eck was that?!

E-GUN: You can't hurt them! Shoot the junction box on the wall, it's the only way!

(Shoot fuse box)

E-GUN: No time to explain! I'm in the vent!

(Reach Harry's remains)

Pickle: *static* That's 'Arry! Poor sod. And that does not look like my flippin' spacefold inverter.

E-GUN: The ECHO explains it all!

(Pick up ECHO)

Harry (on ECHO): Pickle: first off, this place is, somehow, bloody haunted! My normal gun didn't slow 'em down -- I barely made it out! I've modified the frequency of E-GUN, so he should be able to hurt them. Trouble is, this place is also infested with torks! Hopefully I can wait them out in here. When I find that inverter, you're paying me double!

Pickle: Good ol' 'Arry, always the joker! Well, you didn't find my inverter, but you found my mate, no denying that.

(Turn in)

Pickle: I know, I know, I knew it! I knew them stories were flippin' true! Listen, let's find out what happened 'ere. I love a good mystery, me!

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