Sub-Level 13: Part 2 is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and takes place within Sub-Level 13.



  • Find the first record
  • Find the second record
  • Input 1-9-8-4
  • Locate cargo fast travel station
  • Destroy consoles: 0/3
  • Find space-fold inverter
  • Pick up space-fold inverter
  • Kill ghosts with E-GUN: 0/5
  • Exit Sub-Level 13
  • Use inverter


The E-GUN is available as a mission weapon when Sub-Level 13: Part 2 is collected from Harry's remains, and this strange beam laser is the only thing capable of damaging ghosts haunting Sub-Level 13. After equipping the E-GUN, the next thing is to traverse Sub-Level 13 and find out what happened there.

After the two ECHO recorders have been located, the next task is to shut down three different consoles, easily done by shooting the glowing green base of each console all the while fighting ghosts. After the three consoles have been successfully shut down, the nearby inverter can be retrieved.

This leaves two choices: to use the inverter to repair the console, or to return the inverter to Pickle. If the inverter is returned to Pickle, he offers a reward of a common quality grenade mod. If the console is repaired instead, Schmidt will be released from her predicament and gratefully offer a permanent version of the E-GUN.


"Once space-fold inverter, Check!"

Turn In: Schmidt OR Pickle


  • Mission Items:
    • Accident Report 16A - "Incident report detailing the origins of the spooky apparitions.
    • Accident Report 16A, Supplemental - "Incident report detailing the origins of the spooky apparitions."
  • Completing the optional objective to kill five apparitions with the E-GUN doubles the experience award for completing the mission.
  • It is worth noting that leaving Sub-level 13 before repairing the console will remove the E-GUN from your inventory and make repairing the console impossible.


  • The code to unlock one of the doors is 1-9-8-4. This is a reference to the release year of the first Ghostbusters movie, 1984.

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