Striker is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands manufactured by Jakobs.

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Special Weapon Effects

Sniper Rifles are for Chumps. – +30% critical hit damage, increased accuracy with minimal bullet spread.

Usage & Description

The Striker is exceptionally accurate for a shotgun. The extra critical damage comes at the expense of fire rate, in the sense it doesn't get the raw damage bonus like any other equivalent shotgun. The +30% critical damage may not seem like much, but it makes a lot of difference for shotguns, especially considering the close-proximities that shotguns are used in and the sheer amount of damage shotguns are capable of dealing.

To make full use of the weapon, try to find a scoped Striker, get in medium-close range, and shoot for the head. For any other strategy, a normal (equivalent) shotgun would be more effective.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Striker's flavor text is ironic because Jakobs also offers a line of sniper rifles.
  • The only legitimate prefixes are Terrible and Hunter's.
  • This weapon's name could be a reference to the real-life Armsel Striker shotgun. Both the Jakobs model and the Armsel model can feature 12-round rotary drum magazines.


The Striker gets its special effect from its barrel, barrel5_JakobsStriker. It is based on barrel5, the most accurate barrel available for shotguns. Compared to the generic barrel5, it has more spread, less at-rest accuracy, and less damage. Its only defining feature is the critical Damage boost. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel5_JakobsStriker barrel5
Accuracy Minimum: -100%
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Spread: -100%
Recoil: -50%
Critical Damage: +30%
Accuracy Minimum: -150%
Accuracy Maximum: -40%
Spread: -130%
Recoil: -50%
Damage: +15%
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