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Though the face of Pandora is covered in long-dead corporate military bases like concrete zits with missiles inside, this one is remarkably intact. The perfect place to host a game show!
— In-game description

Stormblind Complex is an abandoned DAHL complex located in an arctic region of Pandora, known to be constantly struck by a devastating storm system dubbed the "Murdercane". The complex serves as the primary setting for Arms Race, a game show hosted by former Vault Hunters Axton and Salvador, where participants battle to collect unique loot with hopes of extracting it for outside use.


Notable Allies

Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Points of Interest

Dahl Geodome

Dam, WTF (Water Treatment Facility)

Deepstorm Depths

Doom With A View

Dreadnought Drydock

Heatant Pools

Hostile Homes

Industrial Tightens

Launch Command Sigma

Madwidth Power


Scagscar Pass

Seepage And Creepage

Seeping Spillway

Shipping Encouraged

Skywatch Central

The Hunker Bunker

The Wherehouse

Windworn Way

Y Complicate Things


  • Stormblind Complex's area description is "Abandoned DAHL Facility".