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{{Athena skills nav}}
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Storm Weaving is a tier 1 skill in Athena's Ceraunic Storm skill tree. This skill applies the Storm Weaving buff to Athena whenever she swaps weapons. Storm Weaving increases Athena's Fire Rate and Elemental Effect Chance for a short duration.


  • Elemental Effect Chance +25% per level
  • Fire Rate +7.5% per level

Duration - 9 seconds

Level 1 2 3 4
Elemental Effect Chance +25% +50% +75% +100%
Fire Rate +7.5% +15% +22.5% +30%

Can be increased past level 5 by equipping the Storm class mod.


  • As the maximum number of assignable points in Storm Weaving is four, the skill must be maxed out and taken alongside Maelstrom in order to unlock the further tiers of the Ceraunic Storm tree.
  • Storm Weaving is designed in allow Athena to apply more status effects, and more quickly than she otherwise could, in order to quickly generate Maelstrom stacks.

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