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The Stomper is a unique assault rifle manufactured by Jakobs. Stomper is obtained from the mission Hungry Like the Skag.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Oh, sorry, was that your head? – High listed critical damage.

Usage & Description[]

In most regards the Stomper is identical to any Jakobs assault rifle with a decent magazine size, high semi-auto fire rate, and respectable damage. The gun's only defining attribute is its high critical damage bonus, which would seem to make it ideal as a pseudo-sniper weapon.

However, while the listed critical hit bonus is higher than nearly any other Jakobs assault rifle, the equation used to calculate the damage differs greatly from the one used for most Jakobs weapons. This means the effective damage boost on critical hit is not nearly as high as the bonus would indicate, particularly when combined with other effects or skills that boost critical hit damage, such as Headsh0t.

Nonetheless, the weapon still boasts a respectable critical hit damage improvement over standard Jakobs assault rifles, outperforming even purple rarity weapons on critical hit, though only barely. It can be a decent and relatively easy weapon to obtain for players who prefer Jakobs assault rifles, but who have not obtained a weapon with a higher possible damage per shot.


The title Stomper belonged to a group of combat rifles in Borderlands characterized by high damage per bullet, average accuracy, and a slow bullet velocity. The Borderlands 2 Stomper inherits that name and has the same weapon type but is functionally more akin to the semi-automatic Pounder of the original game.