Stinkpot is a unique aftermarket assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. The Stinkpot can be obtained as a rare drop from No-Beard. Each character only has one opportunity (per playthrough) to obtain the Stinkpot, for No-Beard never respawns after he is killed.

Special Weapon Effects

We're pirates, we don't follow the rules – Always corrosive with a large corrosive splash effect. Contagious corrosive damage spreads to other enemies. Fires grenades with no initial arc until they ricochet.

Usage & Description

Stinkpot is a powerful corrosive rifle firing an odd hybrid of grenade and rocket; projectiles with the high speed of a rocket but the ability to ricochet off surfaces like a grenade. Shots that hit walls dead-on will explode, while at angles they will bounce off. It is also important to know that despite its high damage, it is offset by the fact that it cannot score critical hits.

Stinkpot is particularly useful against PWR Loaders, as its projectiles cannot be deflected by their rotating arms. Similarly, BUL Loaders cannot deflect the projectiles with their shield.


  • The Stinkpot has the uncommon characteristic of being a Jakobs weapon with an elemental capacitor.


  • The flavor text refers to how the Stinkpot has elemental damage despite the Jakobs Corporation policy against manufacturing weapons with elemental technology.
  • Its name references a type of stinky explosive known as a stinkpot.
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