Stinkpot is a unique aftermarket assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. The Stinkpot can be obtained as a rare drop from No-Beard.

Special Weapon Effects

We're pirates, we don't follow the rules – Always corrosive with a large corrosive splash effect. Contagious corrosive damage spreads to other enemies. Fires grenades with no initial arc until they ricochet.

Usage & Description

Stinkpot is a powerful corrosive rifle firing a hybrid of a grenade and rocket; projectiles have the high speed of a rocket and the ability to ricochet off surfaces like a grenade. Shots that hit walls dead-on will explode, but bounce off if hit at an angle. Like the Cannon, it cannot deal a critical hit.

Stinkpot is particularly useful against PWR Loaders and BUL Loaders as the grenades will bypass their protection and deal damage directly.


  • The Stinkpot has the uncommon characteristic of being a Jakobs weapon with an elemental capacitor.


  • The name is a reference to a type of stinky explosive known as a stinkpot.
  • No Beard does not respawn when killed. One way to acquire the Stinkpot is to use a Read-Only save file and keep quitting until getting the weapon, then putting it in Claptrap's Secret stash so that it will not disappear.
    • Another option is to quit and reboot the game without saving the character file.
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