Stinger is a Seraph pistol manufactured by Vladof. It is only available in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Stinger can only be obtained as a drop from the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Special Weapon Effects

It's like butter, baby. – Ricocheting bullets.

Usage and Description

Although lacking in raw power, the Stinger's increased accuracy, fire rate, magazine size and reduced recoil minimize the inherent flaws of other Vladof pistols. Additionally, missed shots fired from this weapon will ricochet horizontally in a similar manner as Gaige's Close Enough skill, an ability that proves especially deadly in enclosed areas such as buildings. This ricocheting effect is especially useful on targets with tricky or numerous critical spots, such as threshers or loaders, respectively.

Although the Stinger has overall positive effects, it is not without downsides. Its exceptional fire rate causes it to burn through ammo very quickly, a weakness compounded by its low damage-per-shot. Additionally, despite its vast accuracy improvements, it still proves ineffective at longer ranges, limiting it to close-quarters engagements. However, overall the Stinger is a very versatile weapon any class can find a use for, and should not be overlooked by players lucky enough to find one.

The Stinger's stats are equal to purple-grade Anarchist pistols, so if the ricocheting property isn't considered necessary, they can be used to an equal effect.


  • The Stinger uses the same Vladof sickle skin as seen on the Patriot, a sniper rifle with the opposite effects of the Stinger (very low accuracy, increased weapon sway, increased damage, moderate fire rate and reload speed, very high recoil and very low accuracy recovery rate).
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