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Steve greeting Claptrap with a "Heyooo!" while filming.

Steve is a promotional character for Borderlands. His appearances have thus far been in the form of a Bandit Raider and it is Steve who is the character who first used now-iconic Borderlands catch cry, "Heyoo!"


  1. Steve first appeared as a stuntman and actor in Claptrap Web Series Episode 1, a behind-the-scenes 'filming' of Borderlands. During this sequence he is humorously called upon to "do something" about the bumbling, off-camera sound recordist.
  2. Steve's second appearance is actually in the game itself when he is heard in the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Audio logs in this expansion indicate that he has been turned into a zombie.
  3. A trailer for Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot shows a silhouette of a bandit accompanied by Steve's signature greeting, "Heyooo!" This addition is curious, given that Moxxi's second husband, Mr. Shank, appears as part of the story in the following DLC, and Steve is not a participant.
  4. The fourth appearance introduces a midget version of Steve as an enemy in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx named Mini Steve.
  5. There is a painting of a Claptrap in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution on top of a building to the left of the vice president of Hyperion. Within the picture there is a chat bubble in binary which translates to "Steve the Bandit."
  6. In Borderlands 2, Steve appears as an NPC during the "Clan Wars" mission chain. Speaking to him triggers his signature greeting. In this capacity he is stationed in both The Dust and The Holy Spirits.
  7. In Lynchwood, There is a secret writing within the area where you "Duel" The Shepherd, Mentioning "Steve the Lion Heart", a Canadian MMA fighter. This text is also written on the roof of the shelter in The Fridge where the first Cult of the Vault symbol can be found.
  8. Steve appears as a background character in Tell Tale Games' Poker Night at the Inventory 2. He first appears in the opening cutscene arriving with Claptrap, can occasionally be heard shouting "Hey-oooh!" in the background, and in the Borderlands setting, will fire a rocket launcher at eliminated players. Ash Williams is knocked off his chair but survives. Brock Sampson shrugs off the blast and, with an irritated expression, chases Steve with a bowie knife. Steve is reluctant to fire on Claptrap, but does so with a depressed "hey-ooh" until Claptrap gets back up and tells him to "stop being such a drama bandit". For Sam, rather than firing at him, Steve simply startles him by tapping him on the shoulder and gesturing that he has to leave the table.


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  • Steve has made a cameo in every DLC so far and has become something of a mascot for the franchise.
  • Steve and his catch-cry are now frequently used as a comical reference among Borderlands players.
  • Steve is voiced by Mikey Neumann.
  • Steve's best friend is revealed to be Jethro Shedd. Jethro is very upset when Steve dies in Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, and is killed by him in turn when Steve rises as a zombie (Jethro thinks that his friend merely "wants a hug").
  • In the Claptrap Web Series, Episode #3, spoken dialogue reveals that Steve is British.
  • In the Claptrap Web Series, Episode #3, CL4P-TP apparently says Steve has 18 children.
  • During any of the Mad Moxxi's Arena battles, the crowd can occasionally be heard screaming "Heyooooo!". This happens whenever a player kills a human enemy with a critical hit, which is how Steve killed the extra and the sound man; supposedly with a shot to the head.
  • His weapon of choice appears to be an incendiary Machine Pistol, which actually shares sounds with revolvers.
  • Steve has only been noted to say something other than 'Heyoo!' in the 3rd episode of Claptrap web series to which he explains what he was trying to reference before possibly shooting Claptrap.
  • In Three Horns - Valley there is writing on the roof of the Catch-a-Ride station at the Happy Pig that says "Steve The Bandit".
  • Steve is either a member of the Zaford clan or working for them, since he is first met in The Holy Spirits and later on, Mick Zaford refers to him as "his man". In both encounters, he will respond with his signature "Heyoo" greeting.

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