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|image = file:steadyicon.png
|image = file:steadyicon.png
|character = Salvador
|character = Salvador
|game = Borderlands 2
|type = Gamechanger
|type = Gamechanger
|tier = 3
|tier = 3

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Steady as She Goes is a tier 3 skill in Salvador's Rampage skill tree. It grants recoil reduction and a chance to improve accuracy with each hit while Gunzerking.


  • Recoil Reduction: +80% while Gunzerking
  • Chance to Improve Accuracy: +30% while Gunzerking


  • The 30% chance to improve accuracy will have an inverse effect on Hyperion manufactured weaponry, it will instead cause the gun to have a 30% chance to reduce accuracy upon a hit. The recoil reduction itself behaves as it normally would with any other type of gun.


  • "Steady as she goes" is a nautical term given to a ship's helmsman, indicating that they should maintain their current heading.
  • The skill's icon depicts a sextant, a tool used by a ship's navigator to determine their position and heading while at sea.

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