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Statuesque is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.



  • Search dropzone for Overseer
  • Hack Overseer
  • Destroy statues: 0/4
  • Keep the Overseer above 50% health (optional)


After picking up the mission from the Opportunity Bounty Board, Claptrap says to go forth into the city and destroy all likenesses of Handsome Jack. A mission marker will then point to the closest statue. Shooting it a couple of times will reveal that the statues are actually bulletproof, so Claptrap then updates the plan with the objective to locate an inactive constructor.

The constructor, nicknamed the Overseer, can be found in an open garage within the Orbital Delivery Zone. Activating a panel on the side will cause it to activate, and head towards the first statue.

The remainder of the mission is spent guiding the Overseer through the city and protecting it while it uses its lasers to dismantle Jack's statues. There are four statues to be destroyed in total, and each statue will be guarded by more Hyperion forces.

If the Overseer's health drops below 50%, a transfusion grenade or Maya's Restoration skill can be used to heal it. If the health of the Overseer then exceeds 50%, the optional objective will remain accomplished, even if the Overseer takes additional damage in future.

Once all four have been destroyed, the Overseer will make its way to the western exit of Opportunity. Finally, Claptrap will issue an order to make the Overseer dance, although doing so will cause it to explode instead.


"No revolution is complete until you've destroyed a few statues of a fascist dictator."

Turn In: Claptrap


Each character receives a class-specific head as well as experience.

Axton Gaige Krieg Maya Salvador Zer0
BL2-Axton-Head-The Hawk.png BL2-Gaige-Head-Sinful Sweetheart.png BL2-Krieg-Head-LONG LIVE THE MEAT.png Maya 01 A Crying Shame.jpg SalvadorTopCard.jpg BL2-Zer0-Head-3ng13.png

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  • Statuesque becomes available after The Man Who Would Be Jack has been accepted.
  • If the mission is carried out after killing Handsome Jack, he will still ECHO taunts for the petty acts of vandalism.
  • Deathtrap will attack the Jack statues, or what's left of them. This can prove troublesome as he will remain stuck attacking a statue, instead of following to help with dismantling the other statues.
  • The mission used to be bugged in such a way that the Hacked Overseer could be left to continue on alone, and without nearby Vault Hunters to activate enemy spawns the robot could simply complete its statue objectives with no enemies to harass it.
    • The Overseer will still destroy the first three statues without assistance or enemy obstruction, however will not leave the area of the third statue without intervention from the Vault Hunter(s).
    • This bug is, however, still present in the Handsome Collection for the PS4.
  • Life orbs from Maya's Sweet Release skill will seek out the Overseer but will not heal it.

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