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Stanton's Liver is a location in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Points of Interest

The Duct

Below Stanton's Liver is a cesspit of broken refuse. Torks have made their home here, feeding off the waste from the local scavs.

Higgins' Gully

Hidden beyond a tunnel intersecting a rail tunnel near St. Pancreas, Higgins' Gully is an excavation site surrounding an ancient Eridian obelisk. The area is patrolled by a few Armored Outlaws, but otherwise the only thing of note is the obelisk itself. Stepping into the obelisk takes one on a brief journey through a wash of alien patterns to Piraud's Thrutch.

The Ventricles

Connects the St. Pancreas Station with the Higgin's Gully. The Swagman roams this frozen, Tork infested, cavern.

Piraud's Thrutch

Piraud's Thrutch is a strange place with a breathable atmosphere and normal gravitational pull under a bright orange sky. The small amphitheatre hosts another Eridian obelisk, like that in Higgins' Gully. Stepping into this transports one into a room adorned with two paintings and a chest. Another obelisk in this room acts as a portal back to St. Pancreas.

Stanton's Gate

Stanton's Gate is the entrance to Stanton's Liver. There is little of note at Stanton's Gate, save a small air habitat, but the area does offer a view down over Stanton's Liver.

Stanton's Liver

Stanton's Liver is an extensive scav base in the middle of the area, inhabited by the Booster gang.

St. Pancreas

St. Pancreas is a run down railway station. The rail is broken in one direction, and blocked in the other, so no trains ever come here. The tracks leading into the tork-infested tunnel at one end offers something of interest as it leads to Higgins' Gully, and also offers a jump pad exit from the area back to Stanton's Gate.





  • This location appears to be named after Dahl founder Stanton Dahl.
  • The large Eridian monolith, located in the dig site found in the back of the tork-infested tunnel near St. Pancreas, as well as what happens when it is touched, is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which a similar object is a significant feature of the movie.

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