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The Stalker is a Pearlescent Machine Pistol manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

You can run, but you can't hide. – Bullets ricochet 5 times. Slow velocity projectiles.

Usage & Description[]

Few guns on Pandora can match the Stalker's ability to put a virtual wall of bullets downrange; and few enemies on Pandora can withstand a full magazine from the Stalker emptied into their critical spots. The Stalker's unique ricochet ability adds to its utility, allowing the wielder to concentrate less on accuracy and more on mobility during a fight. Even missed shots will more often than not ricochet several times and eventually hit a target. This effect is especially useful in corridor fights, like the ones in Sledge's Safe House, The Backdoor or Lockdown Palace. Low accuracy (when not zoomed) and slow projectiles dictate that the wielder close the distance to the target but remain mobile while firing and the extremely high fire rate is best offset by ammo regeneration. Spawn restrictions guarantee that all Stalkers will spawn with strong parts, slightly more powerful and more accurate than an equivalent non-pearl Machine Pistol.

Drop Guide[]

The Stalker has a chance to drop from Badass Engineers and Badass Defenders. Like all Pearlescents, the Stalker can also be dropped from Crawmerax and found in Crimson Lance weapon chests.


  • Bullets move slightly slower, but not as slow as cold-accessory machine pistols. When spawned with a cold accessory, the bullets will move extremely slowly, limiting its effectiveness at any range beyond short.
  • The Stalker is never elemental.
  • The Stalker has a chance to spawn with a double accessory, which highly increases the fire rate, making it more like an anarchy SMG and limiting the effectiveness at medium range. Therefore it is usually better to stick to close range encounters where the Stalker is most effective.


  • The red text may be a reference to the famous quote uttered by the American heavyweight boxer Joe "Louis" Barrow. In response to the interview question, "If he runs, will you chase him?" regarding Billy Conn, who planned to "hit and run" in their upcoming match, Louis stated that "he can run, but he can't hide."
  • The Stalker's weapon grade is CustomWeap_MachinePistol_VladofRevenge
  • The Stalker makes a return in Borderlands 2.


The Stalker effect comes from the barrel4_VladofStalker barrel. It provides the ricochet effect, as well as slightly increased stats. Its material, VladofStalker_Material is equivalent to Material_Vladof_3. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

barrel4_VladofStalker barrel4
Accuracy Maximum: -10%
Accuracy Minimum: -40%
Damage: +50%
Spread: -50%
Recoil: +35%
Tech Level: +1
Magazine Size: +30%
Accuracy Maximum: -10%
Accuracy Minimum: -40%
Damage: +30%
Spread: -30%
Recoil: +35%
Tech Level: +1