SpyBugs are a type of bug encountered in Claptastic Voyage.



While technically hostile, SpyBugs do not directly attack. Shortly after spawning, SpyBugs will become invisible and roam the area near its targeted Vault Hunter. Though its red dot remains visible on the minimap and its flying sounds can still be heard, it is impossible to see an invisible SpyBug, thus making it extremely difficult to target.

After roaming around for a random length of time that could be almost instantly or several minutes, the SpyBug will approach (usually from the sides or behind) its targeted Vault Hunter, suddenly become visible and flash a bright white light with the sound of a camera shutter. This will briefly blind the affected Vault Hunter and stagger them, causing a brief burst of violent screen wobble.

While they cause no direct damage, the violent screen wobbling caused by a SpyBug's flash can severely affect targeting abilities and leave Vault Hunters open to attack from more dangerous enemies. Due to their complete invisibility, SpyBugs are nearly impossible to directly shoot while invisible. While technically possible with any weapon, weapons that fire multiple pellets or feature large splash damage are the most effective against them.

Athena's Kinetic Aspis is able to auto track them the same way it would any enemy. As long as Athena is facing the bot's general direction the Aspis will be able to hit it, and even if it doesn't destroy the bot, it will indicate the general location.


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