Spot-On is the title of a group of submachine guns with the Hyperion barrel manufactured exclusively by scavs. The Spot-On is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Spot-On is a very decent SMG and being a Scav-made weapon it comes with a very generous magazine size. Reload speed is not as slow as one might expect with a magazine of this size which is just slightly longer than, and in some cases comparable to, SMGs of other manufacturers with much smaller magazines. Hyperion barrel gives the Spot-On the tightest spread and the highest accuracy among the Scav-made SMGs albeit at somewhat reduced base damage and slightly smaller magazine size. All this makes the Spot-On a very good choice for combat in close quarters and beyond.

Notable Variant

  • Cutie killerGlitch submachine gun with a unique voice module and always incendiary.
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