Spore Chores is the second story mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed, starting at The Backburner and continuing in Dahl Abandon.


"You've cleared out a new camp called The Backburner. There, you allied with a bandit lord named Vaughn against the mutated soldiers of the New Pandora liberation army led by Colonel Hector. Vaughn told you that the camp has a literal wall of fire for added security, and has asked you to help get it up and running.
With a new ally and a secure base camp, it's time to consider how to take back Sanctuary."



  • Head to Dahl Abandon
  • Investigate an infected area
  • Collect infected flower samples: 0/3
    • Kill infected Skags: 0/8
  • Ride elevator
  • Find infected brains: 0/4
  • Return to The Backburner
  • Kill the creature
  • Scan sample
  • Punch the damn thing



It's important in any conflict to know thy enemy. In this case, the enemy is an army of freaky mutant plant monsters. Bummer.

Turn In: Lilith

Mission Transcript

Main article: Spore Chores/Transcript


  • The closed bulbs right outside the Backburner can also drop the Infected Flower Samples.
  • Mission item: Infected Flower Sample - "Sample for Tannis. She called them plant genitalia. Yucka."
  • Mission item: Infected Brain Sample - "Additional samples for Tannis. That good grey stuff."



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