Splitter is the title of a group of common lasers in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured by Dahl, Maliwan, Hyperion and Tediore, and features the Tediore barrel "Splitter".

Usage & Description

Splitter lasers fire multiple lasers with a single trigger pull at the cost of several ammunition per shot. This makes them effective as a close-range weapon where they can catch targets in their energy spread.

Depending on the manufacturer of the laser's body, the Beam lasers can spawn with manufacturer-specific gimmicks:

  • Splitter with the Dahl body shoots bursts when aiming, along with recoil reduction. They also come with the innate ability to penetrate through enemy targets, inflicting damage to several enemies at once.
  • Splitter with Hyperion bodies starts firing with a low accuracy that increases as the weapon shoots longer (Hyperion's reverse recoil). Also, they are given the increased by 50% (60% with Hyperion stock) critical hit damage.
  • Splitter with Maliwan body come with more high elemental damage and chance out of all manufacturers, making it reliable for inflicting elemental status effects. It has a continuous damage bonus and is more damaging the longer the trigger is held and is able to rack out high amounts of damage over a short period of time, which is useful against larger and stronger enemies.
  • The genuine Tediore Splitter has the weaker listed damage but the quick reloading due the Tediore gimmick of being thrown like a grenade when reloaded. But such Beam has the boosted manufacturer gimmick: thrown weapon acts like Tesla grenades upon reload, weakly shocking nearby enemies until it detonates.

Common Splitters

Body manufacturer
Dahl Hyperion Maliwan Tediore
old new
Splitter Partitioned Splitter Subdivided Splitter Dichotomized Splitter Refracted Splitter


  • The Splitter lasers is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

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